Lemongrass Tea "Calming"

The most famous herbal tea in spa. Mellow taste of lemongrass blended with  black tea. Effectively treats stomach disorder,
internal parasite, etc.

Ingredient: Black tea 60% Lemongrass 40%

Packing 2gx15bags/box = 100THB


Ginger Tea

Aroma black tea blended with spice taste of ginger. Ginger is excellent in soothing stomachache and in aiding digestion.

Ingredient: Black tea 85% Ginger 15%

Packing 2gx15bags/box = 100THB


Roselle Tea

Specially blended red tea with roselle. Roselle is sour taste with red tea aroma. Give a real aroma therapy and help reduced cholesterol.

Ingredient: Red Tea 85% Rosella 15%

Packing 2gx15bags/box = 100THB

Pandanus Tea "Moisturizing"

Natural fragrance of pandanus is a charm. Balancingly blended black tea with pandanus offer you a mellow taste. Help reducing blood sugar and blood pressure.

Ingredient: Black tea 85% Pandan 15%

Packing 2gx15bags/box = 100THB

Thai Iced Tea "Cha Yen"

A unique "Bangrak Blend", blend of black tea and Thai spices. Its wonderful fragrance brightern up every Thais. Just once, and it will becomes everyone's favorites tea. Serve in cold for refreshness. Serve in hot for aromatic pleasure. (No milk and sugar added!)

Ingredient: Blended Black Tea 100% *non-organic

Packing 4gx10bags/box = 100THB

Green Tea Powder "Reduce cholesterol"

Real Japanese style green tea powder 100% without any chemical additive natural from organic tea farm, help digest and reduced cholesterol. Suitable for beverage, 
bakery, ice-cream, or a top of healthy salad bowl

Ingredient: Green tea powder 100%

Packing 50g/box = 150THB

Jasmine Oolong Tea "Anti-oxidant"

The most precious oolong tea is made more delicate with the gentle scenting of frangrantly sweet jasmine. It's great to help you wake up in the morning.

Ingredient: Oolong Tea 100%

Packing 2gx15bags/box = 150THB