New!! Super Value
Pipe Tobacco
(42.5g. 390 Baht)
Made in USA

Kendal Pipe Tobacco
(50g. 490 Baht)
AK Kendal

Made in UK

Rattray Pipe Tobacco
(50g. 800 Baht)
Made in Germany

1.Amaretto - a coarse cut mixture of quality light Cavendish and Burley tobaccos from around the world with a pleasant almond liqueur top dressing. Experience a soothing and sweet smoke with the Amaretto topping delivered in this joyful pipe tobacco.
เหล้าเชอรี่ หวานอมเปรี้ยว


2.Black & Gold - a mixture of golden brown and deep black Cavendish tobaccos for a great tasting blend with a nice aroma.
วนิลา หอมดอกไม้อ่อนๆ

3. Black Cavendish - a slowly steamed mixture of dark and sweet tobaccos. This loose cut pipe tobacco is a mellow to medium blend providing a soft and smooth smoke that’s perfectly satisfying for all day long. Light up Super Value Black Cavendish and enjoy a rich, warm flavor of vanilla with an underlying fruity and citrus characteristic for an excellent and pleasing aroma
วนิลา หวาน ไม่กัดลิ้น


4. Bourbon Whiskey - uses fine Virginias and burleys to create a cool smoking blend that is made sweeter and more fragrant by the addition of premium bourbon whiskey flavor. The flavor is subtle, and the room note is enjoyable, but most of all, you get all of this at a price that will make you smile.
เหล้าหมักเบอร์เบิร์น รสหวานอมเปรี้ยว


5. Buttered Rum - a blend of mellow leaf flavored with a soft, warm note of sweet rum.
ครีมคาราเมล ขนมหวาน


6. English Mixture - combines excellent flue-cured Virginias with fine small-leaf Orientals and a good portion of Cyprian Latakia to make a smoky, sweet and savory blend, with a campfire-like aroma. It’s exceptionally cool and very satisfying.
ยาอิงลิช รสชาติยาเส้นเข้มข้น


7. Natural Cavendish - a cool burning and gentle blend of tobaccos with minimal added flavoring. The burley and Virginia are processed in the cavendish style, and provide a little nuttiness, grass, earth, toast, and a honey note or two. The sugar topping very smoothly tones down the tobaccos.


8. Ultra - an easy smoking blend without the heavy aromatic top-dressings, all at a very reasonable price.


9. Vanilla - an easy-burning, smooth-smoking blend of subtle tobaccos with a pleasant vanilla aroma.


10. Whiskey Cavendish - This superb blend burns well with a delicious taste and smell. It is sure to garner favorable compliments.
วิสกี้ เมเปิลไซรัป


11. Cherry Cavendish - a mix of Burley and Cavendish tobacco with a rich cherry top-note; mild and pleasing.


New!! Backwoods
Pipe Tobacco
(42.5g. 390 Baht)
Made in USA

1. Backwoods Original -This is a cool-smoking aromatic blend with a smooth and mellow sweet flavor that smells terrific. Always smooth smoke without a bite


2. Backwoods Cherry - This Cavendish style blend is topped with a subtle mixture of New England and Jamaican Rums that proves to be extremely subtle, yet very satisfying.
เชอรี่ ผสม แบล็คคาเวนดิช


New!! Molto Dolce
Pipe Tobacco
(42.5g. 490 Baht)
Made in USA

Excellent sweet Virginias, mellow Burleys and superior black Cavendish are married with essences of vanilla, caramel and honey for smooth flavor and an outstanding room note.

วนิลา น้ำผึ้ง คาราเมล
Out of Stock สินค้าหมด

1. Cherry Vanilla
American style aromatic mixture of various Virginia varieties and flavored with vanilla and a slight hint of cherries
เวอร์จิเนียหลากหลายพันธุ์ หอมกลิ่นเชอรี่ผสมวานิลลา

2. Top Black Cherry
Double fermented Sweet Black Cavendish, ripe black cherry flavor
แบล็กคาเวนดิชหวานหมักสองครั้ง รสเข้ม กลิ่นแบล็คเชอรี่

3. Balkan Mixture Latakia Blend
the finest flue and sun-cured Virginia, dark Indian air-cured, and Latakia
เวอร์จิเนีย,ดาร์คอินเดียน และ ลาตาเกีย


4. Celtic Talisman
Bright Virginias, Burley and Black Cavendish. Topped with a dash of sweet cherry
ไบรท์เวอร์จิเนีย, เบอร์ลี่, แบล็คคาเวนดิช, สวีทเชอรี่

USA Mixture No.79
Pipe Tobacco
(50g. 390 Baht)
Made in USA

USA Mixture No.79
Rich burley tobaccos, blended to the original, time-honored formula of the Sutliff's of California, maintains the tradition of this perennial favorite. A topping of natural vanilla flavoring gives this basic pipe tobacco blend a soft, sweet aroma to enhance its already mild, biteless, round taste.
A rich, old-fashioned Burley blend, topped with a drop of whisky, natural vanilla extract, and a kiss of anisette makes Sutliff's Mixture 79 a soft, sweet smoke, nicely-rounded, and free of bite.
เบอร์ลี วิสกี้ วนิลา ไม่กัดลิ้น


New!! Tobacco Galleira
Pipe Tobacco
(42.5g. 390 Baht)
Made in USA

1. Blue Note - Inspired by the famous Blue Note Café in New York City, this blend of Burley, Virginia and world famous Green River Black Cavendish has been expertly blended for the utmost in taste.
น้ำผึ้ง เมเปิล


2. Classic Vanilla - An all time favorite. This blend is made with only the choicest Burleys, Golden Cavendish and Virginias available. The captivating aroma and taste is exclusive to us.
วนิลา เข้มข้น

3. Fox & Hound - A traditional smoke for the discriminating English smoker. This mix of Red Virginia, Turkish, Burley, Latakia and Perique is of medium strength and guaranteed to please.

4. Midnight Smoke - A relaxing smoke of all Black Cavendish. A subtle vanilla flavor applied to 100% Green River Tobacco ensures the ultimate in smoking pleasure.
หอมกลิ่นวนิลาอ่อนๆ นุ่มหวาน

5. Montego Bay - Expertly blended by master blenders of Golden Virginia and Mellow White Burley. This Cavendish style blend is topped with a subtle mixture of New England and Jamaican rums, which produce a bite free taste with a captivating aroma.
กลิ่นบัตเตอร์ รัม เหล้าหวาน

6. Night Cap - A new generation of pipe tobacco. This blend of four unique black fire-cured grades with added highlights of sweet Virginia and cordial liquor is the smoke for the end of the day.
บลูเบอรี่ คาราเมล วนิลา เมเปิล รัม หวานหอม

7. Rum & Maple - A familiar old classic, this blend expertly mixes Bright Virginias and rich Burleys with the contrasting flavors of rum and maple. Rum and Maple makes for an interesting and pleasant smoke.
น้ำผึ้ง รัม เมเปิล

8. Wild Cherry - One of our most popular blends. Toasted Black Cavendish forms the base for this blend with bright Cavendish and Virginia added. On top of all, a subtle Cherry flavor is applied for sweetness.

1. Aromatic Collection Tower Bridge Sold Out สินค้าหมด
Tower Bridge is an exceptional blend of Black Cavendish, Golden and Red Virginia, mixed with luxury broken flake. This mixture captures the spirit of a Caribbean summer day: aromatic tropical fruits, vanilla and rum bring beach-feeling and will lift your spirits! 
S=Mild-Medium A=Mild R=Very Pleasant

2. Aromatic Collection Royal Albert
Royal Albert is an evenly balanced pipe tobacco with a smooth exquisite blend of three different Virginia's, sweet Black Cavendish and fragrant Burley. It has been perfectly crafted with a lovely aroma of Orange, Honey and Vanilla.
S=Medium A=Medium R=Very Pleasant


3. Aromatic Collection Union Jack Sold Out สินค้าหมด
Hand made amaretto. Medium sweet of almond and a solid taste that lasts throught the bowl.
S=Mild-Medium A=Medium R=Tolerable

4. Aromatic Collection Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey is an elegant blend of Virginia, Burley, and hand-rubbed Virginia flake with a bit of black Cavendish, topped with delicious cream caramel flavor.
S=Mild-Medium A=Medium R=Pleasant


5. British Collection Old GowrieSold Out สินค้าหมด
Virginia Tobacco pressed as a broken flake following the tradition of Charles Rattray . A spicy yet noble Tobacco with cool characteristics and a hint of subdued sweetness .
S=Medium A=Medium R=Pleasant


Ashton Pipe Tobacco
(50g. 800 Baht)
Made in Germany

1. Artisan's BlendSold Out สินค้าหมด
This full-bodied English mixture is carefully crafted for the experienced pipe smoker. Virginia and Turkish tobaccos harmonize with Syrian Latakia and a touch of Perique to create a taste that is resoundingly rich, spicy and satisfying.
S=Medium-Strong A=Full R=Tolerable


2. Consummate Gentleman
A proper English mixture composed of only the finest Virginia, Maryland and Burley tobaccos with a pinch of Latakia. The result is a remarkable blend that is medium-bodied and traditionally English in character.
S=Medium A=Medium R=Pleasant


3. Gold Rush
A pure Virginia blend made of only the most outstanding Virginia Tobaccos. Medium-bodied and smooth, this mixture burns beautifully and renders a natural aroma accented by traces of lemon and honey.
S=Mild-Medium A=Mild-Medium R=Pleasant


4. Guilty Pleasure
This glorious mixture of Cavendish, Virginia and Carolina Burley carries an irresistible aroma of vanilla, mango, and exotic citrus.
S=Mild A=Mild R=Pleasant


5. Rainy Day
A savory blend of Virginia and Burley Leaf with Velvet Black Cavendish. Aged in Whiskey barrels for precisely one month, this mixture smokes smooth and heralds a marvelous aroma of tropical fruit and hickory nuts.
S=Mild A=Mild-Medium R=Very Pleasant


6. Smooth Sailing
Pleasantly palatable and wonderfully smooth, this aromatic mixture is slightly nutty, boasting flavors of maple, coconut and dark chocolate.
S=Mild A=Mild-Medium R=Pleasant


7. Winding Road
A mellow mixture designed to bridge the gap between aromatic and English style blends. Comprised of golden and dark brown Virginia with a sprinkling of Black Cavendish, this excellent blend bears a natural fragrance accompanied by subtle notes of caramel and apricot.
S=Mild A=Mild R=Pleasant


Peterson of Dublin Pipe Tobacco
ยาเส้นปีเตอร์สันสำหรับกล้องยาสูบ ตลับเหล็ก
Made in Ireland
Special Reserve (100g. 1,600baht) NEW!!!

1. Special Reserve 2018 S:2 A:1 R:2 NEW!!!
Peterson's 2016 Limited Edition Special Reserve is a Virginia-based blend, rounded off, as they put it, by doses of Burley and black Cavendish. On top of that is a gentle amount of exotic fruit aromas.

2. Summertime 2018 S:3 A:2 R:3 NEW!!!
Peterson's Summertime Blend 2016: A beautiful and pleasant smoke is created by dark, ready-rubbed and bright, loose cut Virginias with a hint of Burley. To taste the summer a little, vanilla, a bit of rum, and just a hint of fruit is added to create perfection.
3. 1865 Mixture S:2 A:3 R:3 NEW!!!
Part of Peterson's "Founders Collection", a trio of tobaccos produced in honor of Charles Peterson and Henry and Fredrick Kapp, 1865 is a blend of full-bodied English style made from select component leafs.

4. Founders Choice S:3 A:2 R:3 NEW!!!
Part of the "Founders Collection" of three tobaccos honoring Charles Peterson and the Kapp brothers Henry and Fredrick. It's a mixture of Virginia, Burley, and Oriental tobaccos, pressed and cube-cut, then mixed further with black Cavendish and more Virginia. Finally it's flavored with rum, in addition to the aromas of mango and vanilla.

Aromatic Tobaccos (50g. 800baht)

Sunset Breeze
This excellent mixture is a blend of first choice Virginia, Burley and Black Cavendish. A promise for a unique smoking experience which is crowned by a wonderful Amaretto aroma that also gives enjoyment to the smokers surroundings.
Connoisseur's Choice
A satisfying, spicy and aromatic blend of Black Cavendish. Golden & Red Virginia, mixed with luxury broken flake. The aromatic recipe of Tropical fruit, Vanilla & Rum make this blend smooth and very pleasant.

Luxury Blend
Luxury Blend is a smooth and exquisite blend of three different Virginias, sweetish Black Cavendish, fragrant Burley and a fabulous aroma of Orange and Honey, with an added touch of the all time favourite Vanilla flavour. Specially blended for both taste and aroma.
Limited Edition St. Patrick's Day NEW!!!
The Peterson St.Patrick's Day 2015 Limited Edition is a new blend created by Peterson of Dublin to celebrate St. Patrick's Day  2015.  A fruity mixture of Virginia, Burley, Orient and spicy tobaccos, all pressed and cut into cube. Black Cavendish and smooth coloured Virginia are subsequently added. The blend is refined with rum and the aromas of mango, maracuja and vanilla.

Latakia Tobacco (50g. 800baht) NEW!!!
Balkan Delight NEW!!

A traditional Mixture comprising the finest of Virginia tobaccos plus a hint of Louisiana Perique and a generous portion of Cyprus Latakia. A delight for the seasoned pipe smoker.

Old Dublin
A supreme style of smoking mixture based on the renowned cool smoky aroma of Cyprus Latika. Added are selected Golden Virginia with aromatic Black Cavendish and sweet Greek Oriental Basma Grades.

Flakes (50g. 800baht)
University Flake
A well known presentation of a style of tobacco allowing the experienced smoker to rub out the flake to the texture preferred. The blend, based on Virginia grades is mixed with Mahogany, brown and orange Virginia and sun cured leaf from India and is slowly pressed for days into cakes of tobacco and then sliced into flake pieces. This style of tobacco is ideal for its slow even burning rate, suitable not only for restful contemplation but can be smoked out of doors and in any type of weather.

Plug Tobacco (50g. 800baht)

Peterson’s Perfect Plug
This excellent plug tobacco comprises selected Virginia leaf from Africa and Brazil blended with Burley leaf from Malawi. The tobaccos are lightly cased before drying and pressing and are then heated and stored for 2 weeks before cutting. The result is a full bodied yet fruity blend, sure to appeal to the experienced pipe smoker.

Traditional Blends (50g. 800baht)
Irish Oak
Originally blended from a rich, dark, heavy bodied Cavendish, this tobacco is made smooth by adding a mixture of Zimbabwean orange smoking grades and aromatic Thailand Burley. It is mellowed using Black Perique blend tobacco from Louisiana bayou. As tradition dictates, the leaf is stored for many years in sherry oak barrels, giving the tobacco its name and an exquisite mature oaken aroma.
Irish Whiskey
A traditional Irish ready rubbed blend renowned for its smooth smoking quality. This blend incorporates various selected Virginia leaf to provide roundness of taste. Kentucky Fired, Indian Cured and Aromatic Thailand Burley are then added to the main blend. Finally, a light spray of Irish Whiskey essence gives this tobacco its final, unique aroma.
Sherlock Holmes
This mixture is made from an old Irish recipe dating back to 1880 and is one of the finest tobaccos smoked in the time of Sherlock Holmes. The straight Virginia blend possesses all the natural flavour and aroma associated with Premier Virginia tobaccos.
Hyde Park
Hyde Park is a traditional English blend of bright and dark fired Virginias, sun cured Indian and Burleys tobaccos. This luxurious smoking experience is achieved by the addition of rum and maple sugars to pressed mahogany tobacco
Nutty Cut
A mixture of golden, red & dark Virginia tobaccos in different cuts, rounded off with Burley & Black Cavendish, an irresistible, fragrant flavour of rum, coconut & Macadamia nuts.
Peterson of Dublin Pouch Pipe Tobacco
40g. 450Baht
ยาเส้นปีเตอร์สันสำหรับกล้องยาสูบ แบบซอง
ยาเส้นคุณภาพดีสำหรับไปป์ผลิตจากปีเตอร์สัน ประเทศไอร์แลนด์

1.Aran Mixture (Vanilla)
The Peterson Aran is a new delicate mixture comprised of ripe Virginia and mild Black Cavendish tobaccos. A top flavour of vanilla and blossom notes are expertly combined to reveal a fresh, aromatic pipe tobacco.
เบอร์ลีสุก แบล็คคาเวนดิชอ่อนๆ กลิ่นวนิลา


2.Wild Atlantic (Balkan Latakia)
The Peterson Wild Atlantic is a new, elegant blend of loose cut ripe orange Virginia, fine Oriental leaves, and a premium quality Latakia from the Balkans. The generous amount of Latakia provides this rich blend with its unique English Mixture character and a traditional smoky note.
เบอร์ลี่สีส้มสุกหั่นหยาบ, บัลคานลาตาเกีย อิงลิชมิกซ์เจอร์



S = Strenght = ความเข้มข้นของยาเส้น
A = Aromatic Taste = รสชาติความหอมเมื่อสูบ
R = Room Aroma = ความหอมของกลิ่นในห้อง
สูงสุด = 5
Savinelli Pipe Tobacco
(50g. 800 Baht)
Made in UK
1. English Mixture
A typical English mixture of classic Virginia with 30% Latakia. Bright Burley added to round up the flavor. Partially granulated to assure steady burning with no top flavoring added.
S=Mild-Medium A=Medium-Full R=Tolerable


NEW!! Stanley
RYO & MYO tobacco
Made in Belgium

200 Baht

1. New!! Stanley Gold
Thailand Limited
5. Stanley Purple (Black Currant) กลิ่นแบล็คแคอแรนท์
9. Stanley Green (Ice Mint) กลิ่นไอซ์มินท์


2.Stanley Virginia ยาเส้นเวอร์จิเนีย

6. Stanley Red (Cherry) กลิ่นเชอรี่ 10. Stanley Dark Brown (Chocolate) กลิ่นช๊อกโกแลต  
3. Stanley American Blend ยาเส้นอเมริกันเบลนด์ 7. Stanley Pink (Raspberry) กลิ่นราสเบอรี่ 11. Stanley Brown (Coffee) กลิ่นกาแฟ  

4. Stanley Blond
Out of stock สินค้าหมด

8. Stanley Dark Pink (Strawberry) กลิ่นสตรอเบอรี่ 12.Stanley Yellow (Vanilla) กลิ่นวานิลลา